Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5th payment from Adf.ly shortened link service

Bigger photo: http://adf.ly/1310198/adfly-proof-may-2012

Stats from May, 2012:
May 2012Visitors: 16,484Avg. CPM: $1.51Month Earned: $24.846270

Join to Adf.ly and start to earn money with Your shortened links: http://adf.ly/?id=1310198
My tips: http://adf.ly/1310198/tips-proofs 

I have earned and paid over 100USD (started January, 2012):

DateTransaction IDAccountAmountStatus
2012-06-046AG01092FK411642Peasycapexpertti@gmail.com (paypal)$ 24.84PAID
2012-05-074A294563Y4020832Beasycapexpertti@gmail.com (paypal)$ 19.76PAID
2012-04-020JX77985J94545435easycapexpertti@gmail.com (paypal)$ 23.84PAID
2012-03-055AJ78400J9137114Eeasycapexpertti@gmail.com (paypal)$ 25.96PAID
2012-02-068C388084YS357842Xeasycapexpertti@gmail.com (paypal)$ 12.06PAID
Total:$ 106.46

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