Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to make tag cloud to Blogger blog step by step

Step 1. Add a Gadget

Step 2. Add Labels Gadget

Step 3. Configure Labels
- Change Title from Labels to Tags
- Enable Cloud from Display
- Unenable Show number of posts per label
- Click on SAVE

Step 4. Click on Posts link

Step 5. Click on Edit link of Your post

Step 6. Click on Labels

Step 7. Copy and paste words and sentences from Your Post to the Labels text box
- Separate words and sentences with comma
- 1 word or 1 sentence = 1 label and You can use max 20 labels with 1 post - there comes an error if You try to update labels where is over 20 labels.
- Max amount of the characters is 200 - there comes an error if You try to update labels where is over 200 characters.
- When You are ready, so You must click on Done button

Step 8. Click on Update button

Step 9. Click on View link

Step 10. Ready

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  2. Hey...

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  3. thanks for this.... i have made a tag easily for my post through this... but how shall I increase the font of one tag if I want to...

    1. You are welcome. There is not any way to do that with this gadget - there may be other gadgets where it is possible to make. When You look at my tag cloud there is that one word "Paypal" with bigger font than the others, but I have not make it bigger - it due to the Blogger blog system that it changes some word bigger and I don't know how, but they have programmed it so.